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24 carat gold plated mother mary statue

Product Code: SA22

Rs.2000.00 Rs.1300 35% Off



267 grams


Height 16.7cm * Width 3.2 cm


Gold plated and Resin

Where you can place it?

Car dashboard,Home,office desk

Delivery Charges?

Free delivery

Estimated delivery days

2-4 working days


Product Description:

Beautiful creative mother mary statue keeping on your car dashboard or office desk

Product Handling:

  • Clean with soft brush or water.
  • Do not clean with cotton gloves, it will make a rough surface.

Product Known As:

  • mother mary statue.
  • mother mary murti.
  • mother mary sculpture.
  • mother mary idol.
  • home décor mother Mary statue or idol
  • car décor mother Mary statue or idol
  • Office desk mother mary statue

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